THMS Software offers Housekeeping module that works in complete sync, to keep it simple. It is a single-screen snapshot with the most-current room information, organized neatly format. You get simple point & click controls to work directly.

is it possible to manage Housekeeping status from THMS?

Yes. THMS Software shows a list of rooms which is color coded to show their Housekeeping status. Right click on a room and you get the option to change Housekeeping status right there. Select multiple rooms by clicking on check boxes on rooms, and then right click to update their status in one shot.

Assign tasks

THMS Software lets you maintain your list of Housekeeping staff without any limits. You can assign rooms based on blocks/floors or sort them based on their status to manage division of work

• Housekeeping Tasks and Schedule Management

• Post Miscellaneous Charges to the Guest Room Directly

• Amenities Consumption

• Find & Lost

• Room inventory stock management & Check list