Hotel Software FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any questions/problems with Truelogics Infotech Pvt.Ltd, you'll find your question answered here. If this FAQ list does not answer your questions, please contact Truelogics Infotech Pvt.Ltd support team. Thank you.

1. Does the software handle Multi Properties?

     • Yes. Smart Hotel Software PMS is suitable for a single property or multi properties. In fact it will group properties into Chains if you have a lot or properties.

2. What about Guest History and marketing tools?

      • True Hotel Software keeps extensive Guest History, including a complete stay history that details every stay, the property, the room type, the room, the arrival dates, the number of nights and the total spend. You can also track any guest preferences and any “extras” or package elements that a guest enjoyed.

3. Will the software help me with Housekeeping?

      • Yes, True Hotel Software has a full set of housekeeping features to help you track where you are in the housekeeping cycle.

4. Does the software accommodate Groups?

      • Yes. True Hotel Software has specific functionality to track Groups, with the tour operator paying part and the guest part, or the guest paying all, or any combination of payment.

5. What about Security?

      • True Hotel Software provides extensive security with respect to the software. You can assign users specific tasks to perform and restrict what they are able to do. Logging of reservation changes provides a clear audit of who did what and when.

6. Does the software provide protection for Guest Credit Card Numbers?

      • Yes. True Hotel Software stores guest credit card numbers in an encrypted format. This means that even if your system is hacked, no useful credit card information is available. Inside True Hotel Software , even looking at credit card numbers will record an entry in the security log.

7. How is support provided?

      • True Hotel Software offers full 24/7 support and is fully included in your purchase price and annual maintenance agreements.

8. How can I contact True Hotel Software ?

      • Click here to view our contact information.